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Rhiannon: Goddess of the Sun and Fairy Princess

Among a pantheon of captivating figures, the goddess Rhiannon stands tall as an enigmatic and powerful deity. With roots traced back to the earliest Welsh tales, her story has endured through the ages, leaving an indelible mark on cultural, spiritual, and artistic expressions. As the Great Queen of Welsh Mythology, Rhiannon continues to serve as a reminder of the enduring magic and mysteries woven into ancient traditions. Through her enduring tales, Rhiannon remains a symbol of power and independence.

Her mythological origins can be traced back to the Mabinogion, an ancient collection of Welsh tales. Believed to be a version of an early Celtic goddess, Rhiannon is also linked to the Gaulish goddess Epona. Thus, further showcasing her deep-rooted heritage. Rhiannon’s enchanting presence extends to her associations with horses, the moon, forgiveness, and freedom.


Goddess Rhiannon's red hair is flowing in the wind as she snuggles up close to a auburn colored horse. She is wearing a green screen while her chest is bare and there is rocks and grass surrounding them. In the distance there are birds flying around a blue sky.

Source: White Horse of Avalon

Goddess Rhiannon is a prominent figure in Welsh mythology and history. She is celebrated for her beauty, grace, and enigmatic persona. She is a central character in the ancient tales of the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh legends that have been passed down through generations.

Rhiannon is often portrayed as a powerful and majestic figure, associated with sovereignty, horses, and the spirit realm. One of her most iconic depictions is atop a white horse, surrounded by an aura of mystery and allure. Her name, which means “Great Queen” or “Divine Queen,” signifies her regal status and influence over the land.

A captivating blend of courage and vulnerability, Rhiannon’s story revolves around love, tragedy, and perseverance. She is known for her association with horses and bird-like enchantments, making her a symbol of freedom and transcendence. Rhiannon’s journey also encompasses themes of motherhood, as she faces challenges related to her son Pryderi.


  • Devine feminine
  • Night queen
  • Great queen


As the Goddess of fertility and rebirth, she holds the power to bestow blessings upon the land and its people, ensuring growth, prosperity, and renewal. Her association with fertility extends not only to the land but also to the realms of creativity and artistic inspiration, for she is the muse who ignites the flames of poetry and the arts.

The embodiment of wisdom, Rhiannon is sought for her guidance and profound insights. Her magical essence flows through the ancient rituals and incantations, as she possesses the knowledge of mystical arts that can transform the very fabric of existence. It is said that the moon reflects her gentle yet potent influence, guiding the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

At the core of her enchanting presence is her connection to horses, symbolizing freedom, strength, and swiftness. As the fairy princess and ruler of the sun, Rhiannon’s influence extends to celestial realms, radiating warmth and light upon the world. Moreover, her association with forgiveness grants solace and redemption, offering a chance for renewal and healing.


Rhiannon’s allure lies in her regal bearing and otherworldly beauty. She is often portrayed as a tall and graceful figure, standing with an air of dignity and poise. Her presence commands attention, and her gaze holds both warmth and wisdom, drawing people into her enigmatic world. Her eyes are said to shimmer like the moon, reflecting the mysteries of the night sky and holding the depths of ancient knowledge.

Her flowing hair, cascading like golden rays of the sun, is adorned with flowers and symbolizes her close connection to nature and the cycles of life. The wind seems to caress her locks, perpetually dancing in harmony with the elements that surround her.

Goddess Rhiannon is riding naked atop of a white horse through a path of sunflowers. Her golden hair is flowing all around her while three doves circle her. This image is depicted as 'the sun' tarot card.

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Her complexion is described as flawless and radiant, bearing the luminosity of the moon she is associated with. Her enchanting smile is said to bring comfort and solace to those who seek her, emanating kindness and compassion from within.

Perhaps most iconic of all is her association with horses. When depicted atop her mythical steed, Rhiannon embodies an image of freedom and strength. She radiates an aura of unity with the natural world, symbolizing the bond between humanity and the animal kingdom.


Rhiannon’s heart is brimming with compassion and empathy. She is known to extend forgiveness and understanding, offering solace and second chances to those who seek her guidance. Her caring nature makes her a source of comfort for those in need. She possesses profound wisdom that surpasses mortal comprehension. Her insights into the mysteries of life and the cosmos are sought after by both gods and mortals alike. She imparts sagacity and guidance, illuminating the paths of those who seek her counsel.

As a symbol of feminine power, Rhiannon exhibits great strength and resilience. She faces challenges with courage and determination, embracing her role as a leader and protector of her people and the natural world. Despite her divine status, Rhiannon is approachable and accessible. She does not distance herself from mortals and welcomes their devotion and prayers with an open heart.

Rhiannon’s otherworldly charm and mysterious aura enchant all who encounter her. Her presence is captivating, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the privilege of experiencing her grace. Goddess Rhiannon’s personality traits show a character of compassion, wisdom, strength, and creative inspiration.

Goddess Rhiannon atop of a white horse wearing a gold dress. Her red hair is flowing in the wind while three crows circle her head. She is riding through a field of white flowers with trees around it.

Source: White Horse of Avalon


Horses take center stage as the primary animal symbol, signifying freedom, courage, and strength. Animals connected to Rhiannon include badgers, frogs, hunting dogs, canaries, and hummingbirds. Each represent various aspects of her persona and natural world associations. She also has a connection to horseshoes and horse gates. These symbols show Rhiannon’s connection to horses and her role as a fairy princess who used them to pull the sun. Horseshoes signify freedom, courage, and strength, while gates represent transition and thresholds between worlds.

Gemstones and metals such as cat’s eye gem, gold, silver, moonstone, crystal quartz, ruby, red garnet, blood stone, and amethyst are linked to Rhiannon’s energies, offering a means of connecting with her divine presence through exquisite jewelry. Rhiannon’s association with the sun stems from her role as the ruler who guides its journey across the sky. The radiant orb becomes a symbol of her majesty and power, representing warmth, light, and the cycles of life.

Narcissus and daffodils represent Rhiannon’s character traits of loyalty, courage, forgiveness, and innocence. Other plant symbols include leeks, pansies, forsythia, cedar and pine trees, bayberry, sage, and rosemary, reflecting her connection to the Earth and its flora. Sandalwood, neroli, bergamot, lavender, narcissus, and geranium are fragrances associated with Rhiannon.

Source: Leonardo.ai

Festivals and Rituals

Ideally, Rhiannon is revered at night when the moon is high in the sky, reflecting her celestial nature. Rituals are conducted within a grove of trees, symbolizing her connection to the natural world. Altars are carefully crafted from forest materials, ideally wood or stone, as a tribute to her earthly and divine essence.

In the real world, altars to Rhiannon are adorned with sacred images of horses and birds, representing her animal associations. Golden or white candles flicker upon the altar, paying homage to the radiance of the sun she rules. A bouquet of daffodils, pansies, or pure white flowers graces the altar, symbolizing her connection to spring, renewal, and innocence. Soft music playing in the background creates a harmonious offering to the goddess, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of the ritual.

Goddess Rhiannon is wearing white while riding a white horse. A dog in bunny are leading them on a trail during a full moon. There are dead trees on their path. Doves fly around goddess Rhiannon.

Source: Random Times.

One significant festival honoring Rhiannon takes place on September 18 in Britain. People gather to scour the chalk of the Uffington White Horse, an ancient ritual that keeps the image of the horse and the legend of Rhiannon alive and relevant. This practice acknowledges her equestrian symbolism and celebrates her timeless presence in the collective consciousness.

aerial image of a prehistoric horse carved into a hill

Source: Hows

Another pivotal moment in Rhiannon’s lore is on May Eve (April 30), coinciding with the Celtic festival known as Cyntefin, “The First of Summer.” This festival marks the thinning of the veil between the mortal realm and the Otherworld, allowing for a deeper connection with Rhiannon’s mystical and transformative energies. It is a time of renewal, making it fitting for honoring her story of rebirth and motherhood.

Legends Associated with Rhiannon

Emerging from the ancient tales of the Mabinogion, Rhiannon’s origin story unveils a captivating narrative of a fairy princess and sun ruler. However, Rhiannon’s story predates the Mabinogion, suggesting that she is a version of an early Celtic goddess.

Origin Story

Goddess Rhiannon is letting a dove go in one hand while holding a scepter in the other. She is wearing an orange traditional Celtic woman outfit with her hair pulled back into a braid with a white flower in her hair. Rhiannon is in the middle of a dense forest.

Source: The Exploring Series

Rhiannon’s roots reach back several centuries before Christ, intertwining her with rich mythological heritage. She is often linked to Epona, a Gaulish goddess of horses, sharing in the reverence for equine symbolism and its connection to nature’s mysteries.

In the Mabinogion, the Adar Rhiannon, or “birds of Rhiannon,” feature prominently in the earliest prose stories in Britain. These three magical birds possess a remarkable ability to “wake the dead and lull the living to sleep” with their captivating songs. Their non-rational influence on space creates an ethereal and mystical aura, as they can seem both remote and remarkably close, further adding to the enigmatic nature of the three goddesses.

Rooted in ancient beliefs and intertwined with the reverence for nature’s wonders, Goddess Rhiannon stands as a timeless symbol of feminine power, beauty, and the mysteries that lie beyond the realm of human understanding.

Rhiannon and Brigid

Originating from the Otherworld, a mythical realm akin to alternative universes and other dimensions, Rhiannon and Brigid share a connection to the mystical and divine. However, their paths diverge as Rhiannon belongs to the Welsh Celtic tradition of magic, while Brigid hails from Irish folklore.

Rhiannon’s marriage nearly sparked a war, underscoring her regal status and the significance of her union. In contrast, Brigid’s marriage was instrumental in bringing peace and resolving conflicts. These differences highlight the diverse roles each goddess played in the stories of their respective cultures.

Goddess Rhiannon riding on a white horse next to the sea while the sun is setting.

Source: ArtPal

Rhiannon’s domain encompassed the sun, horses, and freedom, embodying qualities of strength, grace, and the untamed spirit. Brigid, on the other hand, presided over the fire, hearth, and home, symbolizing nurturing and domesticity. This contrast is possibly why Brigid later became associated with a Christian saint, while Rhiannon’s free-spirited nature remained separate from Christian archetypes.

The Mabinogion

The legend of Goddess Rhiannon, as depicted in The Mabinogion, unfolds with an enchanting tale of love, deception, and triumph. Prince Pwyll, intrigued by the mysterious lady he sees from the mound of Gorsedd Arberth, embarks on a quest to win her heart.

Old script writing from the mabinogion

Source: HistoricUK

Despite initial failed attempts to reach her, Prince Pwyll persists in his pursuit, ultimately meeting the captivating lady named Rhiannon. She reveals herself to be the daughter of Heveydd Hen, seeking Pwyll as her chosen husband. They agree to meet again in a year to be wed at the Palace Heveydd.

As the day of the wedding approaches, a distressing revelation occurs. Gwawl ap Clud, a tall youth with auburn hair, claims to be Rhiannon’s fiancé, whom she had refused to marry. Pwyll, bound by a promise, reluctantly gives Rhiannon to Gwawl, setting another date for their marriage.

Determined to reclaim his love, Rhiannon devises a clever plan. Pwyll returns to the palace disguised in shoddy clothes, carrying a magical sack given by Rhiannon. Pretending to ask for a favor, he tricks Gwawl into filling the bottomless sack with meat. Seizing the opportunity, Pwyll captures Gwawl inside the bag, securing his release from the ill-fated engagement.

With the scheme successful, Pwyll reveals his true identity, and Rhiannon’s wedding with Gwawl is nullified. Pwyll and Rhiannon marry, and she becomes his beloved queen. The legend of Rhiannon captures the essence of love, determination, and wit, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the goddess.

Modern Appearances

The timeless song “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac draws its inspiration from the Welsh goddess of the same name. The song beautifully captures the essence of Rhiannon’s mythos, with its mesmerizing melody and evocative lyrics invoking themes of love, freedom, and otherworldly mystery. As Nicks’s ethereal voice narrates the tale of a bewitching woman, she seamlessly weaves the ancient spirit of Rhiannon into the contemporary music landscape.

Young Stevie Nicks performing at a concert.


Final Thoughts

Her story, woven with threads of enchantment and mystery, continues to captivate hearts and minds, resonating with people across cultures and generations. From her association with music and literature to her symbolic representation of feminine empowerment and environmental consciousness, Rhiannon’s influence remains undeniably powerful.

As we honor her through rituals, art, and spiritual practices, we embrace the essence of her divine presence – a beacon of strength, wisdom, and transformation. The enigmatic allure of Rhiannon serves as a reminder of the enduring power of mythology to connect us to our past, enrich our present, and inspire our future.


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