Nana Buluku: The Supreme Creator

Nana Buluku, a multifaceted deity rooted in the spiritual traditions of West Africa, holds a profound place in the hearts of believers across diverse cultures. Originating within the Fon and Ewe societies of present-day Benin, Togo, and Ghana, Nana Buluku’s influence stretches beyond time and borders. As an androgynous figure, she embodies the dualities of creation and destruction, light and darkness, and life and death. This comprehensive overview delves into her roles as creator, cosmic force, and maternal figure, exploring her abilities, characteristics, symbols, and legends that have shaped her legacy.

Overview of Nana Buluku Nana Buluku with the moon in purple

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Nana Buluku is a multifaceted deity who originated from West Africa’s spiritual traditions, notably in the Fon and Ewe cultures in present-day Benin, Togo, and some parts of Ghana. Nana Buluku is often depicted as an androgynous figure and holds immense significance as a creator, cosmic force, and maternal figure. 

Nana Buluku is believed to have birthed the universe and all  living beings. She is associated with the sun and the moon, which symbolizes her power over the light and the darkness,  and life and death. The duality of Nana Buluku embodies the cyclical nature of existence. 

She is portrayed as a mother figure and has an important role in sustaining life and guiding her worshippers. She is known for her wisdom, healing abilities, and protective nature. When people want to perform rituals or make offerings to honor her, they often dance and offer food and drinks. 

She is also known for power and transformation, as reflected in the evolving nature of the cosmos. Her worship goes over borders, as she influences various Afro-diasporic religions in the Americas, such as Vodou and Santeria. 

It is also said that Nana Buluku gave birth to the moon and the sun. The moon is known as Mawu and the sun is Lisa.

Some of her various titles include, Nana Buruku, Nana Buku to Nanak-bouclou.


  • Female Supreme Being
  • Creator Goddess
  • Grandmother of All Orishas 


Nana Buluku is believed to possess the ability to create life, as she was the primary mother figure and creator. She is associated with fertility and abundance, and her energy is often invoked to bring about growth and prosperity. 

She is also seen as a healer. She has the ability to bring out physical and spiritual well-being. Her wisdom is sought after by those in need of guidance and understanding. She has become a symbol of knowledge and insight.

She is also deeply interconnected to the natural elements, particularly water, and is believed to have control over rain and storms. Her power is further emphasized in her role in maintaining balance and harmony in the natural world. 

In some interpretations, she is seen as a protective force. She can guard against negative energies to provide a shield of spiritual defense. 

With different abilities that span fertility, healing, wisdom, natural forces, and protection, she is a multifaceted and revered deity in West Africa. 


Nana Buluku with wrinkles holding a frog

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Nana Buluku is often depicted as an elderly woman with intense wisdom and power over life. She has an ageless existence and is known for the nurturing aspects of the divine. She is frequently portrayed with deeply etched wrinkles that signal the timeless connection that she holds with the cycles of life and death. Her eyes are often closed or half-closed, and it is said that beneath them she holds the secrets of the universe. 

Nana Buluku has a powerful and encompassing presence and is presented with a broad form that represents her vast and boundless ability to give birth to the cosmos. Her arms are often outstretched, symbolizing her role as the ultimate creator. 

She is usually draped in flowing robes and has intricate jewelry and symbols. She stands for a diving embodiment of femininity, strength, and creation. 


Nana Buluku embodies a harmonious blend of wisdom, nurturing care, and immense power. She possesses boundless wisdom that is rooted in the depths of time and existence. She is often depicted as a sagacious and patient figure, symbolizing her understanding of the cyclical nature of life and the profound mysteries of the universe. 

She is often seen as a protective and caring force, embodying the essence of motherhood. Her outstretched arms symbolize her capacity to provide, embrace, and nourish all of creation. Despite her gentle demeanor, Nana Buluku has an immense power as she is the ultimate creator. This power is paired with her ability to be patient and understanding, which reflects a personality that is both compassionate and commanding. 


Nana Buluku in a storm

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The moon is associated with Nana Buluku since she is so connected to the earth and the tides. In many African cultures, the moon is seen as a powerful symbol of femininity and fertility. It is often used in rituals related to women’s health. 

The number seven is significant to Nana Buluku and is seen as spiritual perfection and completion. It may be associated with the seven major Orishas, or the seven chakras of the human body. It is often used in rituals and ceremonies related to Nana Buluku. 

The angelfish is often associated with Nana Buluku, as it is associated with spiritual transformation and healing. They are seen as a symbol of the goddesses’ healing powers, and are used in rituals that are related to health and well-being. 

The leaves of the Baobab tree are also associated with Nana Buluku. The Baobab tree is a native tree of many parts of Africa and is known for having a massive trunk and a very long life-span. It is a tree that is a symbol of strength, fertility, and endurance, and is often revered as a sacred tree. Nana Buluku is said to have the spirit of this tree and is often seen with the leaves of this tree. 

Festivals and Rituals 

Nana Buluku with the universe in her hands

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When worshiping Nana Buluku, it is important to show proper respect for this wise goddess. Her altar should have pink or purple handkerchiefs. You should then arrange the complete set of Nana Buluku tools on the handkerchief. Her spirit lives in a clay case, and it is usually decorated with pink, purple, and black paints. Make sure to light a 14 Day Plain Purple Candle before making any offerings to Nana Buluku. 

When the candle is lit, place coconut, coffee beans, tomatoes, and tobacco on a clay plate. Then pour some Bay Rum into a small glass and add it to the other offerings. Also, try to incorporate her sacred number, seven, into the offering. 

Legends associated with Nana Buluku

Nana Buluku was the creator of the universe and seemed to retire after all of her work. Many of her legends have her emerging from retirement to save humanity. 

Origin story 

Painting of Nana Buluku

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Even though Nana Buluku is one of the most well-known and traditional goddesses, there is very little that is known about her origin story. Some people believe that she might be the blending of multiple deities that have been merged together over time as various African cultures were brought into contract with one another through the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism. 

Others think that she might have been part of an even more ancient African goddess that was worshiped by the earliest humans. Even though her origin story is not known for sure, she still is one of the most prominent goddesses. 

The Creation of the Universe 

AI creation of Nana Buluku

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Before the universe was created, there was a deity named Nana Baluku in the realms of West African spirituality. She was the origin of all creation. Legend tells of her emergence through the cosmic void to become the mother of the universe. 

As she danced and journeyed through the cosmos, there was creation and harmony all around her. With outstretched arms, she was able to shape galaxies, mold planed, and create life through the void. Her nurturing touch brought forth life, and her wisdom guided the cycles of birth, growth, and rebirth. 

As time went on, the love Nana Buluku had for her creations deepened. But, her power drew the attention of envious entities that sought out to challenge her. Here, there was a great cosmic battle where she faced enemies. Her wrinkles show a testament to the ages and things that she had been through. Through this battle she showed unwavering strength and eventually was able to banish her enemies. Her victory reaffirmed her status as the eternal mother and creator. 

The Battle Between Olokun and Nana Buluku

Nana Buluku in purple with spirals of power around her

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As Nana Buluku took to creating earth and creating life, there were others that emerged as being very jealous of her. Her closed eyes held the secrets of the cosmos, and with her gentle touch it brought forth the first breath on earth, blooming flowers, flowing rivers, and more. 

But, soon, Olokun became jealous of Nana Buluku’s power and unleashed chaos and storms upon the world. The balance between creation and destruction was in jeopardy, and the people cried out for help. 

Hearing their cries, Nana Buluku embarked on the journey to confront Olokun to restore the equilibrium. There was a huge battle between the heavens and the earth. There was a climactic showdown between Nana Buluku and Olokun, where the clashes shook the very foundations of existence. But, Nana Buluku’s wisdom prevailed, and she managed to bind Olokun’s energy, restoring peace to the land. 

From that time on, Nana Buluku became not only the creator and nurturer but also the guardian of balance. Her closed eyes stand as a reminder of the eternal struggle between light and darkness.

Influences of other religions on Nana Buluku

Nana Buluku is the female supreme being in West African tradition. This is similar to the way that the Christian God is the sole creator of the universe. But, after she created everything, she seemed to retire and leave everything up to her creations besides the few times she had to step in and help her creations. 

Modern appearances 

Painting of Nana Buluku

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Nana Buluku is still revered as one of the most influential and powerful figures today. Online communities celebrate Nana Buluku through multimedia expressions. Various types of digital artwork and animations portray her as a dynamic force, which symbolizes resilience and renewal. Different hashtags and viral challenges encourage individuals to share stories of personal growth, which links their journeys to Nana Buluku’s enduring wisdom. 

In different rituals and gatherings, her essence is evoked through fluid dances, merging ancient rhythms to modern beats. 

Nana Buluku is a timeless figure, who embraces the past, present, and the future, beckoning humanity to embrace their innate capacity for transformation and connection in a rapidly changing world. 

Final thoughts

Nana Buluku’s unwavering presence transcends epochs, echoing through the corridors of history into modern times. She remains a source of inspiration and guidance, adapting to contemporary expressions while maintaining her timeless essence. Digital artistry and vibrant animations bring her dynamic energy to life, weaving her wisdom into the tapestry of personal narratives shared through viral challenges. From fluid dances that blend ancient rhythms with modern beats to her role as the guardian of balance, Nana Buluku’s spirit reverberates in rituals and gatherings, bridging tradition and innovation. As humanity stands at the crossroads of evolution, Nana Buluku’s enduring wisdom calls upon us to embrace transformation, connecting the threads of past, present, and future. In a world of rapid change, Nana Buluku’s legacy endures as a reminder of the eternal cycles that shape existence, beckoning us to honor our innate capacity for growth and connection.


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